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Paving the way to interactivity


Three years ago, when we started the company, our first project demonstrated that it was possible to bring highly interactive environments, known as "Game Engines" to perform actual Science. It was an spin-off in the inverse sense.


We created a workbench software, called CSI-VEGA (Concept Study for an Interactive Visual Exploration Environment for the Gaia Archive) to enable the visual exploration of astronomical data sets created by the European Space Agency mission HIPPARCOS and ESA's DISCOS database of space debris. We also assessed the adoption of the Microsoft's Kinectic and LEAP Motion devices to control data visualization.


Thanks to this project, we paved the way for the adoption of highly interactive devices and interfaces for the ESA cornerstone space mission Gaia archive.


This project was performed in partnership with the Universidade de Lisboa (SIM) and the Uninova CA3.

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