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ESA Gaia Visual exploration portal


Our most recent project aims to enable the visual exploration of the ESA Gaia space mission archive. The archive is a gargantuan database that comprises billions of individual entities, and a total of a petabyte of data.

Our aim? To make it possible to explore all this data interactivelly, via multiple panels with different types of visualizations, in one, two, three or more dimensions and with all the panels linked together: so when you select data in one panel, the data is also selected in all other panels. Moreover, our visual exploration portal simplifies the concept of querying SQL databases by using visual paradigms: there is no need to write complex queries if you can have a machine to translate what you want into a query – that you can even modify, if you wish to. And most of this magic happens through the internet, at the archive running at ESA.

This ESA Gaia Visual exploration portal is comming online on the 14th of September 2016. And it will bring the best and most precise dataset ever created to your fingertips. You can explore this data clicking here!

This project is partially funded by ESA, and our partners are the Universidade de Lisboa (SIM) and Uninova CA3.




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